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Interactive navigation is a tool that goes beyond the standard navigation of the integrated content (available in the report drop-down bar). New approach allowed to navigate in the two additional business dimensions of the PZU Group, i.e .:
  • strategy (insurance, health, investments, finances);
  • sustainable development (sales, employees, social responsibility, natural environment and ethics).
The above-mentioned areas were additionally supplemented with related GRI indicators, within each selected issue.
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List of GRIs

List of GRIs

Glossary beginning with L

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 Lietuvos Draudimas AB.

leverage ratio of PZU Group

Quotient of the debt from long-term financial liabilities (excl. bank deposits, deposit certificates and credit received in connection with the preferential financing of loans) and the sum of: debt from long-term financial liabilities and PZU Group’s equity less: the value of intangible assets, deferred acquisition costs and deferred tax assets, which have been presented in consolidated financial statements of PZU Group.


Loss given default, expressed as a percentage of the total exposure in case of a counterparty’s insolvency.


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